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Because volcanoes are fascinating, majestic, but above all, because thousands of people leave beneath them, volcanologists try to understand how they work. Taking a look at the network of links on the sidebar will show you that understanding a volcano is really far from being achieved especially because hazards can come from every parts of it.
Each link corresponds to a “Big Idea” which is a study of a special topic concerning volcanoes.
Throughout this website, I introduce the Big Idea “magma moves in fits and starts”.
Contrary to what people can think, magma does not move continuously during its “trip” inside the Earth. Indeed, flowing of magma is clearly unsteady, and this fact makes prediction of an eruption really difficult or even impossible with today technology and comprehension.
Because of that, understanding how magma flows, what parameters control it and how they evolve is really important. This study is probably one of the most important key in our way to forecast volcanic eruptions.
The aim of this website is to introduce to everybody how magmas can move since their emission deep in the Earth to their emission during an eruption.

Surfing on the website

Here is the organization of the site :

I try to put the misconceptions related to the different sub ideas on the main page of the sub idea. (e.g. to see misconceptions related to what happens in deep Earth, click on it on the menu, do not click on the “sub menu” that appear)
In the posts, you may find some words written in Bold and with a really slightly different colors. These are links towards other websites that explain the concept.
The other links underlined are just advertisement. This is due to the fact that I use a free domain on the wordpress server.

1) What happened in deep Earth : The aim of this section is to look at the conditions where magmas form, how they form and more specifically how do they reach shallower depth.

2) Role of viscosity : In this section, I will discuss the importance of viscosity during magma ascencion :  how viscosity changes in time and how does it create a cyclicity.

3) Geometry of the feeding system : Here, I will talk about the geometry of the plumbing system and how it is linked to volcanic cyclicity, and its impact on viscosity of the magma.

4) Index : All what you need is here, definitions, concepts, more information about the BI. All words/concepts followed by a number in parenthesis is described in this part. The number shows the place of this definition in the Index. For example : density (1) means that the definition of density is in the 1st place.
References and links that I used are also in this section.

5) Forum : Use the forum to make comments, suggestions and even start a conversation with all the members.